Strange death, hawk related?

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by magikchick, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. magikchick

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    Apr 21, 2007
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    I came home the other night and my DH told me I'd better go check my chickens. He said there was a hawk on the ground in the back yard when he came home. It took off and he seen feathers flying.

    After checking, everyone was there and seemed ok. The next day I found one of my banty hens had spent the night outside of the coop. She wasn't acting right. I picked her up and checked her out. All I could find was a small sore on her head. Eyes and ears were fine no drainage of any kind.

    I isolated her in a pen but when I got home from work she was dead. Could it be that the hawk hit her and caused some internal damage? I'm keeping a close eye on the rest of my flock in case something else cause the death.
  2. lurky

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    Jun 4, 2007
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    Sorry for your loss. It sure sounds like the hawk hit the bird but she got away. I have a hawk hunting my flocks right now too. Its gotten close, but all are still safe. Its very stressful knowing a hawk found them [​IMG]
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    Yep sounds like the hawk got her. When a hawk got one of mine I caught him with her. The damage was to the head and neck area. So sorry about your girl. The one my hawk got was a large BR hen. Be careful that hawk will be back looking for free easy dinnner. After I see a hawk checking out my girls I don't let them out for a few days. He will move on for a while then.
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    It sure sounds like that dive by dining got her to me.

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