Strange death. What was wrong with her?

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    Jan 18, 2012
    I had a chick (about 4 months old. Hatched by my bantam hen) who all the sudden started acting strange. She was just standing there, all puffed up. She stopped eating and drinking and would just stand, all day, puffed up with her eyes closed.
    . [​IMG]
    It was suggested to me that it was probably Coccidia, which made sense. I didn't see any bloody poop, but her other symptoms said Coccidia, so I brought her inside in a small dog kennel and set to work getting some food and water into her, with Corid mixed into it. She seemed to be improving until about an hour ago. I went in to check on her and she was laying in her usual nap corner. Fine. I picked her up and she tilted her head up and started gasping for breath, then turned her head to the side, almost like she had wry neck. I set her on the floor to see what she would do and she stumbled and fell over. I picked her back up and held her. At this point, watching her face, I knew she was about to die. All the sudden she started shaking her head and foaming at the mouth, then she started throwing up mucus. This was not coccidia. I took her outside to cull her and put her out of her misery, but she died before I could. At the very end she was convulsing and throwing up so badly, I wrapped her up in a towel and snuggled her while she died. Maybe some sort of respiratory infection? I have never seen anything like this before.

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    Sorry to hear that she died. [​IMG]
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    She looks like she had cocci. The huddle and fluffed up feathers. Older chicks often do not have the bloody poop but the cocci has damaged their stomach so much that they cannot develop normally and absorb their nutrients.

    When chickens die they often twist their heads back and vomit and poop as they are dying. They flop and struggle also. It is sad to have to watch them go thru this.
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    I have two w/ the same symptoms [​IMG]. I brought them in yesterday and started on antibiotics. I thought it was a respiratory disease but now I am thinking it might not be. The antibiotic I use for a RD works very fast and today they both look pretty much the same, maybe a little more percked up... just a tiny bit.

    They are drinking water on their own but w/ lots of difficulty... their chest looks full of yesterday's food and I don't want to feed them more...

    What should I do?

    They look very pale... should I cull them? The idea of having them die that way is just so sad.
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