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    I have nine new baby chicks all doing good except for 1. Three were born on Wednesday the 21st. The two are doing great but one little one doesn't seem to get it. He will peck the food on the ground but it appears the crop is empty. Ive watched and he pecks away but doesn't seem to actually pick the food up and eat it. Ive tried mashing and soaking the crumbles and tried a different type of mash food. He runs moves around scratching and pecking but crop empty. Any ideas?

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    Maybe he's just not getting it yet. I would put the crumb Into a shallow dish and poke your finger in as mum would do to show them what to do. This is what I do with newly hatched chicks and they usually pick the idea up.

    The little yellow dish in the pic is the one I use at first to get the chicks going at the food.
    Wishing you the very best of luck with your chick.
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    I have one that isn't eating or drinking much. She's active and chirping away but out of my six babies she just doesn't seem to be as hungry as the other pigs! :). I've been using a syringe and giving her water a few times a day(I add electrolytes and probiotic to water daily), plus I scramble or boil an egg and separate her and feed her some of that. Also, maybe try putting a little fish oil and mashed egg in with the chick feed? Make it taste better and have more calories. Good luck!
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