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    75E1521B-5D9F-48E8-9627-E0B25969A687.jpeg 9A9477F3-9AFE-470C-8A05-67B21BFD452D.jpeg
    We got this tiny egg today. I figured it’d just be a fairy egg but cracked it open anyway. The contents of the bowl are what I got. It’s almost like the yolk is clear with that weird thing in it. That inner circle that resembles a yolk is tough. It won’t bust. Any ideas?
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    Don't over think this.
    Runt egg.... eat it if you wish, but it is what it is...... usually only once in a long spell, so the documentation is excellent.
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    I wouldn't make an omelet out of it!
    Over the years my hens have laid strange eggs. A couple of them looked like yours, my brother claimed that one had had a feather inside it, and others didn't even have yolks. Young hens and older hens have them every now and again because their body is changing a bit.
    The proteins in the egg are just misaligned. Nothing serious I'm sure.
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  5. Fairy egg..Fart egg...Or Rooster egg...Many silly names..Any Bird can produce those..Ick..I would not eat it though...
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    Oh, it went in the trash. haha! No way I was eating that. I'm the most adventurous eater in my house too so if I wouldn't consider eating it I know no one else would have.

    I figured it was just a mishap in the egg laying process. I just wanted to have another eye look at it to make sure it wasn't something I needed to be concerned about. We've had chickens for 3 years now and never gotten a fairy egg until now.
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    Odd, great pic.

    Fairy, fart, rooster, whatever egg......small piece of tissue breaks off near ovary, the reproductive system treats it as an ova(yolk) and forms the rest of the egg around it.
    I think this video covers that, it's fascinating anyway, Egg Formation Video.

    This looks a bit different tho, might be a malformed or infected ova, given the clear inner sphere. I'd have cut that chunk in the middle in half to see if it was a 'lash egg'(hardened pus from infection).

    Hopefully you won't see another like that.
  8. Oh...:th....I would not get too concerned?...

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