Strange egglaying question (graphic)


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Feb 27, 2008
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I was talking to an old time farmer today. He told me a strange story about chickens and egglaying. I'm not sure if it's one of those "cow-tipping" urban legends or the truth. I'm hope someone can shed some light on the question, since I'm in disbelief. He stated that if you place about any object up a chickens vent, the chicken will form an egg shell around it. Then he told me about someone who did this as "gift wrapping" for gifts to their wedding party. So is this an "urban legend" or possible?
*Good grief!! I HOPE it's an urban legend!!!! Sounds like "cruel and usual punishment" to me!! And, bizarre besides! That neighbor of yours creeps me out! WEDDING PRESENTS?!??!?! ~:eek:
I've heard the same thing. Don't know if it is true or not. I do know the "cow tipping" is true...used to do it myself until a couple of guys mistook a bull for a heffer. Boy were we lucky that night.
Uh - yeah ... I've been cow tipping myself.

You **REALLY** have to be careful not to tip a bull.

Don't know about the eggshell thing, but sheesh. Who'd even want to try it?
I have to admit i loved cowtipping way back when. But about the chicken thing i have heard it but i personally do not believe it. by the time they would even have time to form around the egg they would probabally be dead due to blockup. plus their laying system is setup for that to be virtually impossible. i mean unless it was done by surgery i dont think its possible. But thats just my take on the whole theory..
I believe it. In a poultry book I checked out from the library, the author talks about how a guy surgically put an engagement ring in a chicken and it formed an egg around it.
It is essentially what a meat spot is, just meaner.

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