Strange growth on chicks bottom


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We picked up eight new chicks of various breeds at our local TSC last night. One had a strange growth or scabbing on its rear that was hardened and looked about two inches long, one inch high, rounded. We thought it looked like congealed poop. It died before morning. Does anyone know what the scab is or what causes it? Is there anything we could have done? Should we be concerned about it spreading to the others? There is a second chick not doing well now, but it could be due to its tiny size. We are first timers. Thanks.


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Oct 31, 2008
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It might have been congealed poop. People talk about "pasty butt" with chicks and that means dried poop that covers the vent. In that situation it is best to hold a damp rag or paper towel to soften the dried poop and gently remove it. On the other hand, what you saw might have been dried unabsorbed yolk sac. it is hard to tell without a photo. Usually that would fall off without on its own. I don't think you need to worry about anything spreading.

Runts are more vulnerable and may not thrive. It is not unusual to loose some chicks in the first week of so. Do the best you can with the little one to make sure it is drinking and eating and staying warm.


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It may have had a prolapsed vent or a pasted vent, but I can't believe that someone put that chick in your box without seeing that. Sorry for your loss.

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