Strange hen behavior, pre broody?


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Oct 24, 2009
Our 2 year old RIR hen has been acting strange. She is trying to get under my husbands 10 ft x 10ft work shed where it is dark. We put boards up around the bottom. It is not hot here at 60 degrees and she is determine to get under there. The word broody popped in our heads. In the wild we know birds find a dark secluded spot to make a nest then lay eggs to hatch. Would this behavior be a pre nest building to go broody? Its like she inspects every place thats dark and secluded, under our stored wheelbarrow, kids upside down wagon, under a big bush, etc. She has been laying an egg a day in the nestbox in the coop. Could a hen choose another place to hatch eggs instead of in the coop? There are no bugs yet for her to eat under the shed. She secludes herself from the rest of the flock unless I bring out treats. If she wants to go broody, I'll help her b/c we plan on to incubate eggs for Easter. I should say, she'll help us.
Yeah, she could be trying to go broody on you. Unless you want to go on an easter egg hunt regularly, after all you want her and any future chicks to be someplace they are absolutely safe from predators, I would encourage her by creating a nice, dark secluded place in the coop, if possible.
I use extra large covered litter boxes for my nestboxes and my hens love the privacy.
Hey! that's what we use, covered cat litter box in the coop. Well, looks like we need to buy another one b/c all our hens love laying in the catbox. I wouldn't want her to be chased off her nest. Yay! I hope she goes broody. I'll leave some eggs in there for her. We'll soon see.

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