Strange Hens


Nov 12, 2018
I recently had two hens decide they wanted to be in with my flock. They appeared out of nowhere several weeks ago running along our road, a neighbor alerted me thinking they were one of mine. Soon, these two hens found my flock and began living next to the fence, roosting in the brush. After a few weeks, and trying to find where they belonged ( several neighbors have free rangers, but do not keep very good track of their birds) I began to toss some of the grain out for them, they were a bit skinny. They gobbled up everything that I offered.

My own flock soon got used to them, and cold weather was ahead. I let my flock out of their pen to graze and frolic in the grass, and the two strange hens just joined right up. After a few obligatory chest bumps and squawks, everyone was happy.

These new hens do not look at all sick, one had a few missing feathers, but the neighbor reported hearing coyotes just before the hens appeared on the road. They have fattened right up, and are laying. I do not know the history of these hens, are their eggs safe? They look real good and healthy, nice feathers, act normal. No signs of illness or anything.

I would guess that their eggs are fine but if you don't feel comfortable eating them, dispose as you wish.

Thanks for joining us!
If they seem healthy maybe inspect the insides of the couple of the eggs before choosing to eat them. If they seem healthy once I do a check over and checked some eggs I would eat them. But I’ve been told sometimes I throw caution to the wind. LOL. Sounds like they were away from home I needed a place to go and some food. Glad they found a good home

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