Strange looking egg shell

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    Hi Everybody,

    First time post on BYC for me and I have an egg question. The egg in the photo came from one of my 8 pet chickens. The shell was very thick and contained two yolks. I haven't seen this before with my girls. It happend a few days ago but since there hasn't been another so far.

    The girls are out and about in a large fenced yard during the day and are fed layer food and get scratch with oyster shell and mealworms mixed in as a treat daily.

    Do egigs like this just happens once in awhile or is it a sign/symptom of something going on with the chicken?

    Thank you for your time and any input you may have.

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    Those corrugated egg shells can be caused by a number of things, from newcastle disease to a defective shell gland. See here for full list of causes:

    If your hens do not show any sign of disease and do not continue laying these I would not worry. It could just be a glitch in the hen's system. I recall finding one egg like this from my flock over the 8 years I've been keeping chickens. If they are not sick and do continue laying eggs like this I would not use any of their eggs for hatching as this can be hereditary.

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