Strange markings


Oct 14, 2018
So yesterday I woke up threw and threw scratch for my chickens, then I took care of my other animals and at sometime during the afternoon I checked on them and they were fine so a few hours later I go to put them up and at the chicken coop in their dirt area (where the scratch was) and their was very strange looking markings in the dirt almost like somebody spread out three of there fingers and drew it in the dirt and this was everywhere! (cant get any photo's, which sucks) all of my chickens are alive and unharmed but I couldnt see any dents in my fence so im putting up a electrical fence today, any ideas of what it might be?
(P.S no it was not the chickens scratching these markings were to far for chicken toes)

EDIT: They are always able to leave their run but they wanted to stay inside, it was day time when i threw their scratch but night time when i closed their coop
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