Strange Polish behavior


13 Years
Jan 23, 2007
N.E. Louisiana
Okay, I thought I had seen everything,till now.
Yesterday it was hot up in the 80's,I usually run some water for the animals to cool their feet off. I walk up & hear this little Polish talking sweet chirps.... eating some spanish moss,while taking a bath.

It was so cute,I had to stop what I was doing and sit their & watch. Poor thing needs another "hair" cut & maybe some glasses

Awww, how sweet!! What a pretty boy!

I was scared of that Deb,lol.I thought I had only one roo out of the three Polish,guess it's two roos.
I picked them out when they were chics because they were getting bloody tail feathers.
That's so cool! I love the way the duck looks puzzled. I haven't seen a chicken in water yet, but I bet the hot Mississippi summer won't make me wait much longer.

Now you got me
That's a little pullet on the walk boards,lol. Oh yeah, if you're not used to summer in the south,you're in for a treat. Hot & humid till October,September if you're lucky.
When it gets over 90,I give the chickens a real shallow wading spot to help cool them off.
Guess I know who'll be sitting in it,lol.​
Looks like my little bantie polish that is a hen. Feather on head look too round to be a roo. But I find that if there is a puddle or if I place water in a shallow dish in the chicken run my 2 banty polish like to just stand there or wade in the water.

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