Strange things about my chickens

Apr 17, 2020
Hello BYC!
I have 4 chickens. One Asian Black, one ISA brown and 2 leghorns (one is a rooster). They have some strange habits so I thought I would tell you.
First I will tell you their names.
1. Mr. Ginger - he was supposed to be a girl named Ginger. But he is a very pretty boy.
2. Leia - she lays the least eggs of the flock which is ironic. She is an Asian Black.
3. Daisy - leghorn who lays a nice amount of eggs.
4. Roxy - is a reliable layer. I do not think she has ever missed a day and she is 9 months. An ISA brown

Now to the strange habits:

- Leia likes to be pet in the nesting box. She also makes purring noises like a cat when she is in there.
- Mr. Ginger HATES hats. He will jump on your head to tear it off.
- Mr. Ginger is scared of any size ball or cardboard box.
- Roxy will jump onto your lap if she is cold and wants to be pet.
- If you say teep-teep-teep they will follow you.
- Daisy has once "got caught" in a fence and freaked out (the gate was open next to her).

Pictures coming soon. Also I will be adding on when I find new habits. Feel free to post some of your chickens weird habits.
Panda the chicken hops up into a tree when the roost is not available due to coop being worked on, and hence/hens gets stuck, oh, and they all will jump up and roost on me when it happens. They run at me for raisins, yell if I am too late getting their breakfast, and purr when I come in to check on them at their bedtime and cup their faces in my hands.
Also Roxy always lays her egg in the morning before I arrive to let them out. Daisy will go into her nesting box later in the day. Daisy does not like to share. Sometimes Roxy will go and check out what is inside the nesting box and Daisy comes running and starts freaking out and screaming, thus triggering the rooster to come running and Roxy then quickly exits.
Ok I’ve got one... the other day I watched one of my small red comets picking up debris (grass, clovers, pieces of bedding, dead leaves) and tossing them backwards like she wanted the stuff on her back... like she was trying to cover herself with stuff. She was underneath the coop where the food hangs. What in the heck was that all about???
Thank you, they are handfuls! 😂😂😂
Today I had a hat on... again. And Mr. Ginger started jumping and hitting my legs. 😂
I ran away and he flew over to me. But as soon as I took the hat off, he acted normal. He is a one of a kind.😆
I had a leghorn hen named Daisy too! She was the greatest hen ever.


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