strategies for finding used chickens?

Gray Ghost

9 Years
Feb 13, 2010
I'm looking to pick up a few gently used, previously owned laying hens, which are not too old. What places should I look to find people who might want to sell a few? I already thought of craigslist, and the for sale forum here on BYC, and asking at my local backyard egg sellers (those which I know of). I set up a couple of google alerts to find new web posts for chickens for sale in my area. I will stop by the local feed store. Other ideas? Thanks.

GG or your a local animal shelter may have some
also posting a wanted to the farm and garden section of craigslist might possibly get you an inbox full of gently used chickens. Just be sure that you use good judgement so that you don't get old non-layers dumped on you.
If you just want pets to provide a retirement home for, that's a good way to go (but be careful about health issues adn quarantine).

However, I just want to point out that if you want actual eggs, the chances are that what you'll be getting are the chickens that are *not* laying for their current owners and may not be *going* to lay any more either. That seems to represent the majority of the 'gently used layers' that people have for sale.

Just making sure you realize this,

I just donated a few to some people who posted on craigslist. I was able to reduce my flock, and I knew they were going to a good home!
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