String + chickens = danger

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  1. Kansaseq

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    Feb 12, 2009
    NE Kansas
    I was just out gathering up the flock from free ranging, feeding treats, and dumping dirty water buckets. I happened to look inside the coop, and found one of my hens panting and acting unusual. Upon closer inspection, she had a piece of string wrapped around her leg, and it was cought on a piece of wood, trapping her.It's the string that comes on every feed bag. I usually dispose of them in the garbage can where the feed is stored, but this one somehow made it into the coop and run. I was able to get her unstuck, but she easily could have overheated or wrapped her leg up so tightly that it became necrotic. Eating it would have been just as bad or worse (can you say 'linear foreign body') Just an FYI to everyone that something as simple as a piece of string can be very dangerous to our birds. I will certainly be more careful in the future.
  2. lavacaw

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    I had one that ate one several years ago...she passed it finally but I kept cutting it off to keep a long piece from hanging out of her butt. Could have been a disaster. I am more careful with them now.
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    Glad to hear your girl is ok. I'm forever yelling at my boys not to leave the strings on the ground. Never thought it would be that kind of threat though. Thanks for sharing!
  4. WriterofWords

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    Dec 25, 2007
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    Guilty as charged!! I very thoughtfully gathered up all the strings as I took them off a bag and put them in the bag I kept for just that. One morning after I went to work a strong wind blew the bag with all the strings in it out into the yard and when I got home I had ducks with hobbles, chickens with strings hanging out of their mouths, and chicks with string tied around their necks. None died or suffered permanent damage, but they COULD have! I know take the strings straight to the trash can and make sure the lids are closed. Thanks for posting on this!

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