Striped gopher


11 Years
Jul 22, 2008
Look at what I found locked up in the sunflower seed bucket in the outhouse. Chippy (the name of the striped gopher) must have gotten inside when we left the cover open and didn't even move when I covered it. I put the bucket on its side so he could leave, and I got this picture with a non-zoom camera. By the way, striped gophers (also known as 13-lined ground squirrels) eat weed seeds, insects, and animals that are already dead, so I don't consider them pests.
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The gophers around here all live under the ground and make a mess of your yard. That looks like a chipmunks that we have around here.
I couldn't kill something that cute. lol
I always catch spotted skunks in my live trap and let them go.To cute to kill,plus I'm not sure if they are protected or not.

ETA- I wish we had chipmunks around here.We only have squirrels or shall I say "tree rats".
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So cute!

We have a little squirrel that lives in our front yard, and I see him almost every day collecting walnuts - he's very entertaining the way he flips his tail around. THe chickens were scared of him at first but now they don't give a hoot!

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