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Discussion in 'Quail' started by Tikkajazz94, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Tikkajazz94

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    My quail musT be mighty smart and mighty strong. My birds was all good last night. This morning. All I them out. The huge garage door open. So I hadto chase them all down. My dad help catch 4 of them. Than followed sounds and caught 6 more. One was outside and I hadto use a really good fishing net with cloth and not line to catch it. But one is still missing. I know they like to be together in their own little way. I just hope I find the Lil guy/gal soon
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    I need a translator to understand what went on here. I've had a similar experience I think, but there was mass quantities of alcohol, police, and a chicken costume involved.
  3. Tikkajazz94

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    Ah, My Quail escaped from their pen :O I Had to chase them down. Which I had one left to find and Just found the little lady.
    The Problem was I Put them in the garage, Half the garage is storage, and my brother had to change the breaks on the Car so We have the Car in there and the big huge door is wide open. So I was scared at first that They all ran away from me. Two was outside, and the 9 was inside.
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    Quote:kina sounds like my normal friday night [​IMG]
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    If you read it a few times, it sounds like a person out of breath explaining a situation... I am glad you got a hold of the birds!
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    Quote:Thanks, I've been woried sick, haven't done anything else really, but Drink Tea, Hot chocolate and Apple cidar and Going out there searching.

    She came out when the sun was on the other side of the house, So it was cool.

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