Stubborn lice! Argg!

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Apr 30, 2011
I noticed about a week ago that two of my 4 hens had lice on them. The other 2 seem to be fine, and it seems that it may be only affecting my barred rocks. So I treated them exactly a week ago, and it's getting worse! One hen has lost a good sq inch patch around her vent and even more feathers than before have eggs around the base of them. The other hen who had no eggs on her before now has way more, and it looks like more bugs too! I used this powder called "Permethrin Insectrin Dust PROzap" It is supposed to treat both lice and mites even though I'm pretty sure they don't have mites. I don't know what to do since it isn't going away, and a few days ago I got 2 new chickens a Barred Rock 9 month old hen, and a 2 month old Buff Orpington. I've been keeping them in seperate pens, and the chick is even inside, but I'm worried. Especially about the Barred Rock as I'm pretty sure its only my BR girls that are getting it...Any help?
Lice and mites don't like each other so you probably have either one or the other. Mites like the vent area. Lice are more straw colored and bigger. But it is not ruling out you don't have both.

I spray directly with the dog flea and tick Adams plus spray on contact. Try to pluck the feathers that have eggs one at a time. Spray again in ten days and again in tendays after that. Put sevin dust where they are taking their dust bathes. This is a pretty chemical method. i don't know if you want to go a naturale or not. Also, clean the coop and spray it. And continue to 'fortify' their dust bathing places. Plant some herbs by their coop that they may help them selves to. (oregano,rosemary,thyme,mint,nettle,dandelion,basil)

If you only have a few chickens you can bath them 24 hours after you spray them and then reapply the spray.
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Okay I will try that, thank you so much!

But plucking the feathers won't hurt them right? Because I from my experience with parakeets I know some feathers contain blood which can cause some pretty bad blood loss if pulled...
Maybe trimming would be enough,or could you pull the eggs with a flea comb? Hope you get them all!
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