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9 Years
Jun 6, 2010
Hello Everyone- I am currently on day #16 with my incubating project (Hovabator 1602N with automatic egg turner) and while candling, I came across an egg that is stuck in one of the egg holders. My plan is to remove the eggs from the turner and place them on the wire floor three days prior to hatch, however I'm concerned as to how to get this egg out. The last thing I want to do is force it out and cause it to break. Should I try to wet the base of the egg with some of the water used to humidify the bator? Has this ever happened to anyone. Thank you in advance.
has never happened to me, just wanted to let you know I saw the post... hope you figure out what to do!! It would seem that it will come out if you can push gently from below, but I'd sure wait until all the other eggs are out and away just in case it breaks!
Good luck!
This had happen to me and this is what I do

Get all the eggs off from this rack
gently take the rack out of the turner

yes you can do it , just be care full
put the eggs on other eggs on the wire close the bator

take your stuck egg with the rack to the kitchen sink and run warm watter to the bottom of the egg , after 1 minute try to rock the egg litle by little unlit you release it

sometimes it takes lot of water to remove the egg

make sure is not crack or it had leacked before you place it back in the bator

now you can put the rack back in the turner and the eggs back on the rack

sounds like lot of work

but i rather do this than use all the water in the bator and get your humidity high
Hi, I've had that happen to me before when an egg was cracked when I set it and did not know it. They are really hard to remove, so be careful doing it. Usually wetting the bottom will help it come loose.
Thanks for the input everyone. I'm just hoping that everything works out ok.
I would imagine if it is stuck, it is probably bad. They don't generally stick to anything when the shell is dry and whole. My main concern at this point I think would be getting it out without it EXPLODING all over the room.....
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