Stuck EGG!!


9 Years
Sep 2, 2010
Went out today to find my Pinkie Pie panting and nearly hissing! She had an egg stuck where I could see it. I managed to help her get it out followed by some poo. Not sure what I should do now. Should I be worried about infection? Should I isolate her from the other girls? By the way the have all been laying since late June, early July and we haven't had any problems til now. Thanks so much for any help.
Wish I could help! I had my girl lay her 1st egg today, with another behind it. There was a tennis ball size of red membrane with the egg inside and out her vent. She did get it out finally.

Did your girl have a prolapsed vent or was she ok once it passed? If she was ok I would leave her be.
If she is not injured there is probably no reason to isolate her. However, it is a good idea tgo keep an eye on her to be sure that she does not have any other problems with laying for the next few days. What you describe is common as she seemed a bit egg bound but was able to resolve the issue herself. If it happens in the future and she is not able to get it out within a reasonable period of time (a day) then you should read the information on this site regarding how to help when chick is egg bound. She will more then likely be fine.
It looked prolapsed but when I went out later everything seemed to be fine except that her butt seemed a bit dirty. So I cleaned it with a warm cloth and put some mineral oil around the whole area. I will keep an eye on her for a few days. She was eating and drinking o.k. so I figure that's a good sign. Thanks to all for your input. It's my grand daughters favorite hen. She helped me play nurse. Handed me cotton balls and such. She's only three.

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