Stuff I Should know before I get into breeding chickens and selling


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Also be ready and knowledged of all the possible poultry diseases. The slightest thing and your hens will stop laying. "Eggs are money" is our slogan around here. I have 18 coops and have been breeding for a few years. Some breeds sell better than others... so get what you like, but don't expect everyone to love it too. If money is your main goal, you may want to try something "tried and true" like BRs or whatever is most popular in your area too. This way, one breed can kinda support the others.

The best quality stock brings the best money... HOWEVER... more often than not the best line of a breed is unthrifty. I would name specific examples but I am not into calling people out. Let's just say I got stock from the oldest line - pure line - of a popular breed. I already had some "pet quality" from this breed for a few years. I hatch nearly constantly too..... this superior line barely hatched and what did hatch 50% died on day one for no reason that you can see. I had other eggs in the same batch and they did great. Talked to others who bought this superior line and they had the same result. So it is something to think about. That is WHY they go for more money. Some breeds get worse and worse hatch rates the better to the SOP they become.... calls and sebrights come to mind right away. Something to consider....

Overall, it isn't nearly as "easy" as people have you think it is... and often you will be dealing with people who will try to talk you down on things. Some of the breeds I breed are worth far more than the average local will spend... so I have to be ready to process them since I don't ship. I rather eat a bird sometimes than give it away.

I could go on all day.... I think you get the point.

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