Stumped, wing issue


11 Years
Jul 30, 2008
Ok, I've been around chickens almost 50 years (ok I don't remember the first ten or so) but this has me stumped.

1. About two weeks ago I go out to lock up and there is one of the hens on the floor of the coop walking around and worrying herself sick to find a way up to the roosts. The roosts start at about 30 inches off the floor. I bend down pick her up set her on the first bar and she goes to jump to the next bar up and falls straight to the floor.
HMMM. I do it again and sure enough the same thing happens, I noticed that she appeared to make no attempt to flap her wings when she was headed to the floor. I pick her up, hold her under the wings and tilt her backwards. No wing flapping which in not normal. In the morning I watch her closely as she comes off the roost and splat, no wing flapping.
This went on for a few days and she is now back to normal. She is up on the roost every night when I lock and I even had picker her up and dropped her to make sure her wings are working and they are.

2. I now have another hen that has these same symptoms for the past few days.

Any body have a clue what I am dealing with?
Thanks, Mereks is what I found as a possible cause but I do have them vaccinated. So I wonder if it is a "mild" form? The second hen is fine now as well.
I am not an expert on Mareks, just know a little bit about it and am learning. I have read in textbooks that there can be milder forms when they still get it after vaccination. However there is a good ongoing thread by some experts with it in their flocks, and they are happy to answer any posts of questions. Here is the link:

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