Stumpy tail feathers = Roo??


8 Years
Apr 1, 2011
I currently have 5 baby chicks that are just a little over two weeks old. They were all supposed to be pullets. All of them are growing nice straight tail feathers about 2" long, except for the speckled sussex which has barely grown a tail at all. Is this a sure sign that it's a Roo? I will be so disappointed as I had been wanting a speckled sussex the most!
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I am interested in the answer to this, too! I have three 2 week old Speckled Sussex chicks that came from the pullet bin at the feed store. One is a little smaller than the other two and has smaller tail feathers. I'm hoping that all three are pullets!
How about Buff Orps? Mine are 5 weeks. One has a more pinker crown and developed its little hanging side flaps on chin. The others do not have quite the red color in theres and not side chin flaps yet. As for feathers its a difficult call in determining difference in them. The one that is redder also has thicker hawks but no sign of spurs. Any ideas?
With many breeds of chickens the males feather in slower than the females, but not all. And as others have mentioned some breeds feather in slower in general than others.

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