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my silkie is a new mum

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Sep 28, 2008
We live in a neiborhood and we own 13 chickens illegally lol. Everybody around us always comments at how wonderfull they are and they even like my silly silkie roo's crowing! We have almost 3 acres and we just lost a chicken but a week later got 4 to hatch out. We really would like to have 2 nubian does and if we did have the green stuff we would move somewhere we could have anything we wanted. The funny thing is that we ARE aloud to have horses but my dad scared me away from liking them and wanting one because he told me about all the horable things that could happen to people and so i stopped liking them! We would love to have a few farm animals like goats a an emu (they are not agressive like ostritch). And I would love to expand my chicken loving and breeding hobby so I could get some big pretty roos and hens! Do you think we could some how change the law a little or get by w/ it.

(The emu was just an Idea and again if we had the green stuff I would love a alpaca too!)


11 Years
Sep 15, 2008
Big Sur, CA
I don't know how it works where you live, but around here there is a loop hole that you can get all of the neighbors written permission and have the animal on your property...however if they sell their house you may be forced to get rid of your animals if the new owner is a turd. Go read all of the statutes on livestock...


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Mar 21, 2008
Centre Rawdon, Nova Scotia, Canada
We live wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy out in the country and everyone is tolerant of everyone's poultry but I can tell you that without fail your goats will cause a stir. I like goats, but they tend to wander and if they do they destroy things on other properties. I had one climb a dwarf apple tree, gnaw the bark and kill the tree! If your birds are illegal and all is going well, think about staying with birds! Heh.

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