Stupid dumb Rooster!


8 Years
Mar 27, 2011
Cooper, Texas
My rooster refuses to go into the hen house at night. He'll scoot all the girls in and then sleep on top of the hen house! Every single night I have to walk out, climb the stupid ladder, grab him and put him inside with the there any way to teach him to go into the darn house? Thankfully he's a good boy, and doesn't mind in the least that I'm grabbing him up and shoving him in - but to say the least it's a pain.....

I don't leave him out [even though it's an enclosed run], because we do have predators and when he's out he crows at everything....

Thanks All
Maybe clip one of his wings?
or lure him with treats!
It takes routine. Just keep doing it, and sooner or later he'll catch on. He sounds like a good little guy, so its best that he's safe with the ladies at night.
Lure them into the coop or run with scratch grains, just before dark. When they go inside, shut the door. Do this every night for a while, and they'll all go in, even the rooster each night. I do that anyway....They're used to their bedtime snack.
My barred rock pullet pulled those shenanigans months ago. I don't clip wings and don't want to, but what I did do was make it miserable for her to sit up on the coop. I put a tall ridge across where she'd go so she couldn't sit comfortable, and then through some netting over that that kept catching her claws and driving her nuts when she was up there. So she'd fly up, bump around trying to settle, fail, and then flap back down and go in the coop.

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