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Where I live, the closest feed stores are 25 miles away either way to two different cities. So a few weeks ago I was off the hill and went to the feed store in city A. I got 4 cochin chicks from them. When I went to check out I asked for medicated starter mash and they don't carry it. I asked for chick grit and they don't carry that either. So I got a bag of the unmedicated as I had to have something to feed them and left.

So my husband got me 3 Maran chicks for Mother's Day. So I went to the feed store in town B and again asked for the medicated starter mash. They don't carry it. I asked for chick grit and they said you mean oyster shell. I said no, I mean chick grit. Again she said you mean oyster shell. I said no, I want chick grit and she said we don't have it and she wasn't pleasant in the way she said it.

Town A isn't a big animal town so to speak, so I could almost give them a pass for not having the medicated feed, but if they are going to sell chicks, then I feel they should. Town B is an animal town with most people having 5 acres or more. I live in the mountains between these two points and there are no feed stores in my town. Town B I would think should have a good selection. Also, both of these places never have any of the brands of feed all of you talk about getting. And they never, ever have anything organic.

Why is it so hard to find a decent feed store? I just had to vent about this. It is annoying as the next one in town C will be about a 65 mile drive each way, which I don't really want to make. My only other option will be to order organic feed from Modesto and shipping is $106 no matter how much or how little I order. I don't have that kind of spare cash to sink into feed right now as we are building a new tractor and coop. I really wish we had a decent feed store close by.
cuz they all died out with the farming biz. most of them are just harware stores with a hoe-down gimic
Amazon has the small 5lb bags. There is still a shipping charge and it makes the food a little expensive comparatively, but it's a lot less than $106.

Manna Pro starter

Results for "chick starter" at Amazon

In some areas, the warehouse stores like Sam's Club, Costco, or BJ's will carry some livestock foods. When you say you can order the feed, do you mean directly? Call those feed stores and see if any of them can order the starter from one of their usual suppliers, in which case you shouldn't have any shipping expense.

Another idea would be to look for livestock vets in your area. Many will carry livestock feeds. Check tack shops, also.

If all else fails, there are online retailers that sell at least Manna Pro, even if you do have to buy it in 5lb bags, and you can compare cost + shipping rates to get the best deal.

Some examples (Google "Manna Pro chick starter" or even just "chick starter" for more):

Shane's Tack sells Manna Pro and organic poultry foods

Manna Pro at Randall Brukey

Manna Pro at Valley Vet

Sorry those stores just don't get it. It irks me that many feed stores aren't knowledgeable enough to carry the necessary feeds. Good luck finding what you need.
Wow, you ARE in a bad spot. Maybe you can combine with another "chicken keeper", and one of you make a feed run to town C once a month or so. That way you could save on gas AND shipping charges.

I don't know what I would do without my little local feed store. It's about 6 miles away, and I buy everything I can from them, even though it's a little more expensive than the Tractor Supply in the next town, about 12 or 15 miles away. I would hate to see my local feed store go out of business because everyone wanted "cheaper" feed.

I always check the bag tape for milling date, and their feed is fresh and they load it in my truck for me. If they don't have something, they will do their best to get it for me. They are friendly and helpful, and I LOVE them!
I went to a feed store last week to purchase medicated chick starter, and they were out of that, only had unmedicated. But- the employee told DH that the Tetracycline powder that they sell is the same medication that is in the medicated chick feed. It's not the same thing, but DH would have believed him if I hadn't been there. Fortunately, I had purchased some Corid the previous day to have on hand just in case (we live 100 miles from a feed store).
Yep, you got that right! If you have no real farms around, you don't have farm stores. California killed the farmer years ago. So sad.
I feel you're pain I live in a rural farming community and the local stores don't carry chick feed just adult layer feed(which i'll get when the times comes) but they carry any type of feed I would want if i had any other kind of livestock most of the chickens raised around here are for the processing plant thankfully the town I work in which is 25 miles away has a decent TSC and has the feed and grit i need
Thanks for all your suggestions everyone. You are right, it is a hardware store with some feed in the back. However, they usually to have nice alfalfa, which is why my husband goes there. I used that locator thing and found another feed store in city D, which I hadn't even thought about, so I am going to call them and see what they carry. They will be a 50 mile round trip as well, but if they have what I need, it would be worth it and I could stock up once a month.

I did find a B&B that has chickens and orders from Modesto Milling. I am going to check around and see if I can find anyone else who wants to order from Modesto. They send the stuff on a pallet and so we are paying for the shipping of the pallet and it is $106 no matter how full or empty it is. If I could find about 4 people to place an order, then we could each pay under $30. It would take some coordinating, but the B&B offered to be the drop off point since they are in town and on the main highway. Meanwhile I will be checking out the online places as well. It is so frustrating to go to a feed store and not be able to get what you want or need. I also found one other small feed store that is just a feed store and I am going to go there and see if they can order things in for me. It can't hurt to ask.

Thank you all for your great suggestions. I just get annoyed with the incompetence. I knew you all would understand.

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