Stupid pretty chickens...


9 Years
Nov 7, 2010
Monroe, Wa
I have some really pretty english blue orp girls. and some not so pretty black and splash orp girls. the two blue ones... one of them gets in the nest box and goes about her egg laying business, gets up and wanders off only to have the egg fall out of her butt somewhere in the driveway, the front yard, under the bushes... today I ran over it. the other one insists on climbing in the tiny little nest box that she DOES NOT fit in and laying her egg on top the tiny serama who is sitting on eggs. I keep chasing her off but she sneaks in there no matter...ding bat... the other "normal" orp girls all march into the nest box, lay their egg and then go back to chasing bugs. I am going to figure out a way to block off the serama girl so only she can fit in and out. but geeeeeeze...get a clue!!!!
Your first girl does sounds dingy.

The second clever. She has figured out how to pass on her babies with less work by letting the Serama girl do all the work.
Bahahaha! You ran over the egg? Now THAT is funny. Sorry though! I only have one Orp, a Buff, and it's by far my dumbest chicken. The others all march up the roost at night and put themselves to bed, she falls asleep on the ladder on the way up. I've actually seen her doze off and fall off the ladder. If she gets in the corner of the coop facing the wrong way, she can't figure out how to turn around. She stands there squawking for help until another chicken comes over and distracts her. It's so funny how different chickens can be from each other.

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