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chicken crazed 1o1

8 Years
Mar 29, 2011
Dugald , Manitoba
I was just wondering if for extra calcium you can give hens instead of Water well... Milk .
I have heard of people putting powdered milk in their feed, but no I would give them water. First milk in the heat would spoil very fast, second they need water at all times.
I read somewhere recently that chickens have a hard time digesting lactose. Perhaps the lactose free milk in just a small container that they would drink quickly?
my ghickens LOVE yogurt.. it has the extra calcum and has all those great tummy benifits.
right now they are getting Greek strained yogurt plain... i usually get a big spoonfull and they jsut take big bites of it right off the spoon..

How soon should you start giving them yogurt, and well... any food other than chick crumbles?
my leghorns liked it right away by the mouth fulls. the others liked it mixed with their stARTER FOOD. their first goodies i gave at 4 weeks and it wsnt really special i wouldmake them wet mash of their food and feed by hand got them to trust my ggodies b hand and they think its special.. i sstayed with easy on the tummy foods to start. rice, noodles and yogurt

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