Stupid Waterer Question....


10 Years
Oct 2, 2009
I'm talking about the waterers that have a giant jug-like thing you screw onto a base, like this.

how do you fill it? My guess is that the jar goes upside down, fill it up, screw on the base, and flip the whole thing over? Is that right? And also, since I don't want to buy a separate waterer for when they grow up, I'm using marbles and pebbles when they're chicks. If you put the marbles in AFTER you fill it up, it will overflow, right? Or will it Just og back into the jar?
Yes thats how you fill it up. the marbles i dont know about but there should be enough time to put them in before the ring fills with water other wise it will overflow.
Yes, those work just fine. Carry it back upside down, then flip it over quickly and get those marbles in quickly. It will drip some water, but not much. I prefer to use a small one for the chicks, since they are really cheap and take up less space. It's also nice to have extras so you can rotate them out.
Yep that is right. May I add that the chick waterers are not very expensive and don't take up alot of room. If you lose even one chick to drowning you will probably wish you had invested in the chick waterer.
I found that in a few days my chicks were flying up and sitting on top and of course pooping there. They did tip it over once. They get pretty rambunctious pretty quickly. I just put a bungee cord around it and fastened it to the wall so it couldn't fall over, and figured I would have to wash it every day, sometimes twice. LOL! Maybe you could fashion a dunce cap out of cardboard for the waterer to keep them off it.

you can get the small chick waterer for 2 bucks or less and use a quart jar as the water holder instead of getting their plastic one , we used empty plastic peanut butter jars. my hubby put a small eye hook in the bottom of the jar and hung it in their box.

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