Subcutaneous injections for dehydration? HELP!

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    Jul 24, 2011
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    Hi all, sorry for my absence.
    i recently got a 3-5 mo old americanna hen with either pneumonia or coryzo, but from the smell probably the latter. i got online help locally 3 days ago and made some improvement using vet-rx and 2 days of injections of tylan-50 (1.5 ml), heating pad and a steam vaporizor, which has been on non stop for 3 days now. yesterday was her best day, but im afraid i didnt make her drink or eat near enough and now she is so dehydrated and weak she will barely open her eyes and can only hold her head up for a few minutes at a time. her breathing is better, no open beak gasping, but she won't drink, and won't swallow, even a dropperful at a time very carefully in the beak. i didnt want to take a chance of drowning her and felt i had no other choice but to inject her as i read on a page i found. it said to use STERILE saline or lactated ringers but tyring to get either on a sunday afternoon is impossible. the PHARMICIST at CVS told me to put her in a tub of water to rehydrate her. i looked at him and asked him if thats how he would treat his grandfather in an equally critical situation. seems a chicken is only worthy of being a meal to most folks... so i mentioned needing saline for subcutaneus injection and he told me to use tap water...i wanted to hit the guy by now. Anywho, rather then driving to another store for distilled water, i bought it there so i could get home asap. I figured brand new distilled water was the closest thing i could get to anything sterile but i still need to know if there is a better way before i make an infected water baloon out of this poor thing. at this point anything will help as i am just at a loss and figured if the distilled water didn't kill her, the dehydration would. any idea's? im in st pte, florida.
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    Mostly what we use today for (human) IV infusions in shock is normal saline, 0.9% sodium chloride, or 9000 mg of salt in a liter of water. You can mix this up yourself by adding 4500 mg (about 2 teaspoons) of salt (try and get non-iodized) to 500 milliliters (about 2 cups) of water.
    Good luck, I do subcu's & IVs all the time but I have the equipment which is nice.
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    I am an RN and have done hypodermaclysis on kids years ago, and my vet does them on my dogs and cats. However, it has to be sterile saline or ringers lactate. Don't ever inject distilled water or use table salt to make saline for injection. You could kill her. I would try to get the chicken to drink by dipping it's beak into the water and feeding it some scrambled eggs. A vet hospital could probaly do a clysis--they're pretty easy, just a small amount of saline under the skin.
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    Jul 24, 2011
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    Quote:hi all.

    thanks for the info, i asked my sister (registered rn as well) after posting and she in essence told me the same thing. as i was tending the other birds i reinjured by back from surgery 2 weeks ago and am now flat on my back again and i'm afraid she's doomed as i can't get up to tend to her anymore and her responses are getting weaker.
    i don't hav the guts to put her down and as bad as i feel allowing her to die, i feel i have no other choices. If anyone knows any last ditch idea's i'm all ears but have very little movement and cannot leave the house.
    Thanks for reading and all the prompt help.

    rodster and sick americana chicken that looks like my cousin patty

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