Substitute for T1-11 siding?

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    Jul 7, 2009
    I'm debating between the "Garden-Coop" plan and building a playhoouse style walk-in coop. I have some used windows already but I built a nice playhouse a couple of years back for my boys and remember the T1-11 siding (looks nice, has grooves in it) being really expensive @ $40 or so a 4'x8' sheet. The walk-in coop for dummies calls for 11 sheets! To me that is going to be the biggest expense.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for cheaper siding alternatives (that isn't painted plywood)?

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  2. Markallen

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    Jan 8, 2012
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    Sheet goods have gone up recently, they fluctuate quite a bit, but 5/8's 8'' o.c. is around 32 a sheet at H.D. You could use 3/8's and save about $8 per sheet. As long as it is sealed well from the weather it holds up pretty good, I always use an exterior semi-gloss, it seals it better than flat and is a lot easier to clean.
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    I used a product called "Smartside" got it from Lowes. It's a man made product that was about half the cost of T-111. It has an old barn wood look to it. It has survived 2 yrs in all kinds of weather, and it looks as good as the day I installed it.
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  4. Chris09

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    Jun 1, 2009
    For 4 x 8 Plywood I'm paying,

    19/32" (5/8") DD grade for $19.97
    3/8" DD grade for $12.97

    When you go to paint the coop just use a good Exterior Oil Base Primer first then use a Exterior Latex Paint as your final coat.
    The Primer will help seal and protect the wood a lot better than just paint also it will take less coats to cover the wood.

    D Grade or Veneer quality D
    Veneer quality "D" is a non-appearance grade face where limited knots are defects are permitted. D grade veneer faces are suitable for applications where appearance is not important such as structural purposes. A DD plywood sheet has a face and back veneer quality of D grade.

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    if you use a lower cost plywood like Chris mentioned but still want the "T1-11" look then you simply make some strips out of 2 x ? that you have laying around and tack that onto the plywood before you paint. strips of 2 x ? ripped 5/16 thick should give a nice appearance space them around 10" apart.

    another option is to ask around to see if there is a sawmill, or a portable sawyer in your area. then go get some slabwood or offcuts to make your siding. I built a B*itchin' 3-bay rabbit barn for my daughter's rabbits using all offcuts from a local sawmill. cost me about $100 for a 9 x 10 barn, plus the roof metal which was another $200[​IMG]I can usually get a pretty big stack of wood for $100 at my local mill.

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    x 2

    I used it too and is holding up well.

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