Sudden blindness suspected, ocular mareks or something else?


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Apr 13, 2020
A backwoods coop in NH
Hello all! I’ve been looking around and I’m still uncertain so I thought I’d just ask. A month or two ago I had a full grown Mille fluer d’Uccle hen with an eye that looked sort of puffy, no discharge from anywhere. and she couldn’t see out if it. Anything moving on that side of her head (our hand, a treat etc) she would not react to. She seemed bothered by it and had to be hand fed and given water until she got over it. She’s 100% fine now but still can’t see out of that one eye. We thought maybe it was from trauma as she’s bad at flying and gets into fights.
Fast forward to last night. Another one of my Mille fluer hens Seems to have gone at least partially blind. Both eyes this time are mildly puffy looking but no discharge from anywhere on her face. But she seems to not be feeling the best. She drinks but only if I stick her beak in it and then she keeps drinking as long as I don’t move my hand, if I do she pecks the air confusedly as if she can’t see it and she keeps walking into the other chickens.i do watch these birds enough to tell that this is different from her usual behavior. The pupils on both birds are extremely large but the eyeball itself is clear and not discolored. I should also add that they were from a hatchery and we payed extra for a mareks vaccine and about half of my non hatchery birds are vaccinated as well, does that work for the ocular mutation of mareks? Is this something else? Any tips to help a bird get Accustomed to partial if not full blindness? Can post pictures if requested:)
Thanks a ton in advance,
I have a completely blind hen and I don't do anything special for her she knows where the food and water is but mine is genetic
all right this is her. I tried to get a picture on each side of her eye but she was not cooperating, anyway it looks the same on both sides. We flashed a light in her eyes and the pupils did nothing, also upon doing that we realized her eyes had a cloudyish purple cast to them. One more so than the other. She had a small crop and her poop looked normal. also we gave her a dose of oxytet,

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