Sudden change in hens behavior

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    Sep 15, 2014
    I only had a rooster and a hen for nearly a year and of course they were always together and always with us, sitting on our deck or taking walks with us! Our rooster got sick and died and we were all very sad including the hen! A week later we went and got two 3 1/2 month old chicks one appears to be a cockerel and she was so mean to them and even pecked the head of the little pullet so bad it bleed and needed attention so we separated them but they could still see through chicken wire and free ranged with us around! Now a little over a month later they are starting to get better though the hen occasionally puts them in their place however she is now acting strange by laying around more even while out free ranging which she never did before except with her rooster and today when I went to let her out in the morning I had to call her down from roosting then she just slowing walked down her plank when usually she is a runner to get out! Her poop looks ok, she is eating and laying it's just this behavior! Do you think it's possible she now wants to hang with the babies but they just keep running from her because they are scared to death? Thanks!
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    I'm so sorry about your rooster.

    Your hen may be depressed without her rooster, that is a big and stressful change to suddenly have two teens around and no "husband" if you get what I mean. She may also just be old, many hens after a year and a half slow down some. She may be uncomfortable if she is entering molt, which my chickens are at this time.

    I hope she starts feeling better soon and starts getting along better with her new friends.

    Best of luck!
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    I'll bet she molting...they can be very low on energy and uncomfortable when new feathers are growing in.
    Make sure she has plenty of protein in her diet to help those new feathers grow in.

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