Sudden death and crazy behavior in another


6 Years
Nov 12, 2017
Western Ohio
today a 3 month old quail died, was fine a few hours earlier, no wounds. Now in another cage another 3 month old quail is going nuts: huddled in a corner, then will run around, jumping and flapping wildly, then huddle in corner with eyes closed - repeatedly. Small wound by eye on that one, but seems to be able to see. I have 30 quail, 6 per cage, 1 male, 5 girls. They live in our garage, next to a window for natural light. They have not been moved, don’t fight (or very little), the girls lay eggs. They have fresh water daily, constant feed available.

I did not post this in quail forum bc I’m wondering if this could be chicken related. We brought home chicks on Feb 28 (day old), but they are in the house. Child is supposed to wash hands after chicken handling, but not likely to be completely consistent. New neighbor came over to look at quail, and he has adult chickens. My child takes some of the quail out to the grass and dirt so they can walk around outside a bit, but this is something that has been done whenever weather allows over the past several months. I know that chickens can pass on certain illnesses to other birds, but not sure which ones.
This morning, all quail still alive. Forgot to mention poops look fine and typical. We will see what today brings as they are all just waking up.

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