Sudden death of 2 week plus chick


8 Years
May 24, 2011
I have a brood that is almost 3 weeks old and I've had two sudden declines and that resulted in death. The first I found last week and it was weak and listless and it died a few hours later. I'd tried to nurse it with some Save a Chick Electrolytes.
The second death happened yesterday when I found a Welsummer dead in the brooding area. I check on them about 5 times a day as I work here on the farm at home and neither have showed any symptoms leading up to death, ie no slow decline.
The have clean water, plenty of chick crumbles, pine litter that is clean in an insulated, but cool, well ventilated room with the heat lamp going. There are 23 chicks in an 8 x 6 foot pen. Any suggestions as to what might be causing these deaths or things I could do to prevent more?
Do you have heat on them? The only thing that comes to mind is maybe they are cold and piling on top of each other. Or maybe something is harassing them in their pen and they're dying from stress/beating themselves against the pen? Hope you figure it out. Sorry for your loss
Are you seeing any bloody poop or foul-smelling poop? That's the age my last 2 batches of chicks have started with coccidosis, and it came on quick with little warning signs- especially the first time when I didn't know what I was looking for. Other than that, I don't know.
Coccidiosis is harsh this year around me, all the wet weather and mine are in the house with it.

Did your chicks have the Mareks vaccine? This can cause sudden death. I have seen this in one of my own flock (these are usually 2-3 months old. )

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