Sudden duck death syndrome. Any ideas?


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A couple days ago one of my Bibbed Hookbill females died. I was shocked! She seemed as healthy as could be. This morning another one is dead. They were hatched in April. They came from Holderreads. They seemed great from day one. We only lost a couple ducklings out of 60. They are full grown and live with the big flock of ducks. There are probably close to 100 of them all together. Many different kinds, and several different ages. They are in a big yard during the day and locked in a pen at night. The yard was just moved to a clean spot yesterday. They are on a diet of layer feed. I saw absolutely nothing to alarm me yesterday. Nobody seemed slow. Today she is dead. She has no mark on her. I can not feel any lump or scar. She seems to be healthily heavy. The only thing wrong I can find is that she is dead. I only have 4 Bibbed Hookbill girls left now. Even more upsetting to me than the fact that she is dead, is that I have no idea why. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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I've just experienced the same thing with my 4 chickens. Found 2 dead in their coop in the morning when I went to let them out. Then same again next day with the remaining 2 birds. Very upsetting as I have no idea why they died. They were allowed to roam freely around the garden as they have always done.
That was my thought. I still have a cygnet in my freezer. Working up the nerve...
Aside from physical trauma like a crushed windpipe, worms, infection not sure what to look for. Something in the wind pipe? How would you know if it was an allergy, heart failure? Could be something obvious or no physical signs... If you have butchered and closely examined their organs in the past you could see anomalies and get an idea of what to research.

Some animals are more prone to stuff. Movieshubcanada had two ducks just die on him and none since. Strange how genetics works and a duck isn't going to tell you it's chest hurts or if it get headaches. They may even hide symptoms. When that blood vessel blows in their brain or their heard gives out....
It could be a learning experience
. Please post some pictures if you do it and find anything of note
Autopsy is no longer possible. I just got home from work and discovered that some varmint snagged the body. If another one dies i will try. Hopefully no more die!!!! Thanks for the suggestions.
If you want a necropsy done, do not freeze the carcass (freezing damages tissue), so put in the fridg and get to the pathologists as soon as possible. Time is of the essence because of tissue degradation.


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