Sudden duck/goose deaths with no significant symptoms


8 Years
Sep 27, 2011
We've raised waterfowl for about 5 years now with very few losses.This year we hatched 8 ducks (welsh harlequin/swedish mixes) and one african/pilgrim goose chick. Everyone has seemed fine. All chicks 4 months old and the gosling was 6 months old. We are using the same water, same pens, etc.that we have since we've started this enterprise. The gosling appeared "woosy" Sunday afternoon, so I separated him from the flock and gave electrolytes. He was eating and drinking. I went back out to check on him two hours later and he was dead- still had greens in his beak. Came home from work today to find two of the young ducks dead. They were fine at breakfast this morning- and I've been hyper-observant on symptoms. I am not sure what to do now. Ready to build emergency pens or convert the winter chicken coop and completely move the remaining flock- but no idea if it's too late. I don't even know what i'm looking for. We've had no new birds introduced, other then those hatched by our own flock. Our flock is in the barn yard which sees frequent activity so never any wild fowl around and predators are very rare (as far as disease carrying factor- these birds were not injured). Is it possible for rodents to have brought poison over? Is that what it would look like? The neighbor is "old school" and has been using poison on rodents. My neighbor on the other side lost two of her cats to the poison so that's why I am thinking it is a possibility. We had very hot weather about 5 days ago but it has been highs of low 70's and lows of mid 50s and dry, I am in a panic and terrified I'm going to loose the whole flock (4 remaining geese, 12 remaining ducks). No local vets take care of waterfowl and it just isn't possible to drive the flock 60 miles away...any ideas would be appreciated!
So sorry to hear of your losses.... it does appear to me that your ducks and geese are showing symptoms of something toxic they are accessing....firstly check for any mould in their feed, secondly please do check for any toadstools/mushrooms as they can be fatal if ingested ( I lost two of mine to them eating toadstools ), some plants are toxic can flush the ducks and geese with an epsom salts solution if you are sure they are accessing something toxic... I hope you soon find whatever it is that is causing the untimely deaths of your flock

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