Sudden unexplained death...?


10 Years
Mar 29, 2009
Help, my little girls favorite hen (a one year old black australorp named Piggy) died last night. I found her under her usual roosting spot, dead. It looks like she fell off. I'm worried about my other hens. I'd been battling mites, but hadn't seen any on any of the hens in a few weeks (I've religiously treated them and their surroundings with DE) I but apple cider vinegar in the water, they also have access to water without and there were no visible signs of an attack of any sort. Does anyone have any ideas? Laying has dramatically declined but it always has this time of year as they molt and the days get shorter.
So sorry this happened. Sorry for the delay in any responses as well. Chickens tend to hide illnesses until it's too late, that's just their nature. Unfortunately, without a necropsy, you may never know. Was she molting? Could she have been eggbound? I had a healthy 1 year old die for no apparent reason so I had a necropsy performed and she had a ruptured tumor on her spleen. Sometimes no matter what you do, you will have an unexplained death. Again so sorry this happened.
Did you use food grade DE? I agree with the other post that it is sometimes difficult to diagnose sudden death without necropsy. I'm sorry for your loss.
Even with a necropsy it can be tough sometimes. I had one young pullet die suddenly and I had a necropsy done. There was no obvious cause of death. I'm still waiting for tissue analysis to see if there's anything there.


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