Suddenly Lethargic Hen! Please Help!


7 Years
Jul 12, 2012
My older wyandotte hen has been acting very lethargic lately. She is 4 or 5 years old and around 5 or 6 pounds. She is not showing any symptoms other then lethargy. No odd colored comb, no eating changes, no droopy wings. She's just not as fast or active as usual. She has been acting like this for maybe 12 hours. She was fine yesterday but started acting strange earlier today. None of my other hens or roo are acting any different, just her. She stays in a wooden coop, only at night with metal wire bottom with perches to sleep on. No bedding on the nesting boxes. ( all the hens throw it out in less then a day of putting it in for some reason). During the day they are in a large run and let out into my open yard for about 2 hours a day. She is usually running around, keeping up with my younger hens but today she lagged behind and doesnt fight when i pick her up. What could it be? What should I do?
I'm not sure what it could be--maybe her age, worms, a crop problem--it's hard to say. I would look at her poop for color and any diarrhea. Worm her with Valbazen, SafeGuard liquid goat wormer, or Panacur horse paste to get most chicken worms. Check her crop first thing in the morning to make sure it is empty. Look around her vent area skin for any mites or lice. Feel of her breast bone (keel) to see if she is losing weight, and examine her abdomen for swelling. Is she still laying?
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Thnk you for the reply! I have wormed the whole flock this morning with valbezen. Her crop was fine, empty and her vent is clear. She layed yesterday but not yet today. I dont see any noticable weight gain of swelling. She has gotten worse though, walking rarely and very slowley from place to place.

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