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    Dec 11, 2009
    what is the average price for one of normal colored sugar glider?what do u feed yours ?do they make a good pet in your opinion?csan u post pics of ur cages

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    I use to have a pair that I adopted but it has been a while. This site was very helpful when I had mine. They require a very strict diet. Different types of fruits/veggies (make sure to see what ones they can't have) and a BML mix which the site I listed will show a recipe of how to make it. They do eat a lot for their size. They love to mark everything and do have a smell from the marking. You have to glider proof the room or house that you let them out in. They do best in pairs since they are a type of animal that lives in groups of 30+. It is definitely good to have two. They require bonding which you will need to carry them around when they are asleep in their pouch around your neck. Also put something with your scent on it in their cage. From what I remember I think they are around $250. Definitely check that site out before buying one. They can be a handful.
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    They can make very good pets and become very tame but they are still an exotic and not that well domesticated. It can take months or even years to fully tame one. They do live quite a long time though so it's not like you won't have plenty of time to enjoy your glider once you get it tame.

    Gliders need fresh foods daily. They should not be fed on pellets or dry food with the exception that a few people do live a bit in the cage during they day in case they get hungry. There are a few recipes for their protein and nectar which are then combined with fruits and veggies nightly. We use HPW which uses high protein wambaroo powder, honey, egg, and bee pollen. Freeze and scoop like ice cream 1.5 tsp per glider and then 1 tablespoon fruit and 1 tablespoon veggies nightly with insects as treats. has all the currently approved diets and a housing section. You want a powder coated, vinyl, or pvc cage. Do not use galvanized metals and uncoated non galvanized metal will rust. Most cages of an acceptable size are powder coated anyway.

    SPIN has a cost breakdown

    There are a few glider rescues that will rehome them for free as well. I don't remember them off the top of my head but found them through rescue threads on glider central.
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    thanks so much for all the websites and answers to my questions !!! i will update and let u kno what happens..

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