Suggestion on how to set up my chicken coop

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    Mar 8, 2016
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    We're getting baby chicks in the next few days after we stopped to get propane at the country store the other day, and my 13 year old daughter saw the baby chicks and decided that we had to have them, and my wife agreed.

    We have a storage area behind our house that I'm hoping to convert to a coop and I'm hoping to get suggestions on the best way to set it up. It's 90" wide divided into two compartments that I will cut through and connect as needed. It is 32" deep and one side has a shelf that can be moved or removed as needed. It gives me 20 square feet of coop space and we plan to have 4-5 chickens so we should be okay there I think.

    What would be the best way to set it up for the most efficiency and ease for us to collect eggs and access for cleaning? I will put doors on and plan to cut a window of some kind on the side for ventilation. I will also be enclosing a roughly 10' x 10' area in front of it for an enclosed, attached, covered chicken run with hardware cloth so they will only free range in our back yard when we are home.

    Any suggestions you can offer are greatly appreciated!

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    Well I would say either remove the panel separating the two sides, or at least cut a hole in the bottom. Put doors on the front of the two front sections, one of which having a chicken door cut in. This was you can still get in there to clean and collect eggs from the front to make it easy. One side could be roosts and the other side could have the nest boxes attached to the back wall. These are just a couple suggestions

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