suggestions and ideas on my plans to turn my eggs


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When it comes to turning eggs I would like to incubate in trimmed cartons on wire racks on my hatching tray. tray is in a styrofoam medical grade cooler, 24" deep, 24" wide, 36 " long (ID). will moving a 12" block moved end to end (36" length way) create enough tilt, or turning of the eggs. This provides 60 degrees sweep each movement. Little giants turner moves thirty degrees each direction, sixty total, during its cycle, my cylce will be seconds, not hours, will a pause inbetween angles (sitting flat) aid in success? I can come home for lunch three weeks straight to add the flat position. going from 30 degrees left at seven am,to flat at 1pm, to 30 degrees right at ten pm. This being the first day and stay in cycle and on time. Will this be enough turning?
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I have limited incubation experience, and an automatic turner. However, if you want my data point, I'd say your turning interval is just fine. If you want to change anything, I'd increase your angle of incline. 30% is probably fine, but you could easily increase to 40% if you want to give the eggs the E-Ticket ride.
I don't think the angle matters much at all. It's the exercising of the yolk to keep it from adhering to the inner shell that aids in hatch rate. I think you'll do just fine. Only tip I have is when tilting..make sure you aren't spilling water in there from your tray or whatever for humidity. That would damage the setting for sure. Best of luck!!
I have a Sportsman cabinet incubator and it only rocks from side to side. When it rocks it takes less than a minute and does not pause in the flat position. Good luck.
I have overcome the water spilling by hanging the water on a pivot, thanks for the heads up

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