Suggestions appreciated!!!


5 Years
Nov 30, 2014
We are getting ready to build our coop! We have 12 girls (chickens
)! (and a bunny) that we need to accommodate. I am thinking I'd like to have a stationary coop, but since we live in town I'd like to be able to have a portable run. I've done some searching but am having trouble finding plans for what I want. I'd like to be able to essentially attach and remove the run from the coop.

Anyone out there have any setups like this? Or any suggestions?

Thanks a bundle!!!
Welcome! You can use dog kennel chainlink panels for a run, as long as the flock is locked in at night always. Electric poultry fencing is out, right? It works great if it's legal where you live. A walk-in shed type coop is best, at least 50 sq. ft. or more, and then the run. Mary

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