Suggestions for building a ideal coop

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    Feb 26, 2009
    I going to convert a cattle loafing shed into a super large coop to be divided between 10 turkeys & 20 - 30 hens & few select Cochin & Marans roosters. It has always been used for a storage shed and never for cattle. The shed is 8 ft wide and 20 ft long and has a a sloping roof 5 1/2 in the front sloping back to 5 feet in the back with a central door.

    It has galvanized steel siding & roof and the flooring in the middle 4x8 is raised off the ground and covered with plywood with the 8x8 ends of the shed are open dirt. The only draw back about this shed is the low ceiling. It's only 5 ft high and I've given myself several concussions on the rafter beams. The front Door) of the shed faces to the east.
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