Suggestions for freezing poultry in poly bags?

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Mar 5, 2018
Hi All -- Processed 21 heritage turkeys, sold 17 of them (purposely processed all we had that were market size, since we wanted a variety) but of course now I have 4 left. I would like to freeze them to sell for Christmas (or anytime someone needs a whole turkey), but they came back from the processor in fairly loose clear poly bags sealed with a hog ring, rather than say the vac sealed bags we get frozen pork back from the processor in.

Any thoughts on the best way to freeze them? My concern is that with the extra air (some of the bags are loose) that they will develop freezer burn. I'm thinking of getting some of those giant ziplock bags that you use to store comforters, putting each one in that, and then sucking the air out and freezing double layered.

Any other approaches or advice? Thanks!
How big are they? I wouldn't be worried about freezer burn too much if you're only planning on keeping them frozen for a month. Longer than that and I would probably be looking at a better storage options.

some options that I can think of off the bat:

1) buy some turkey size shrink wrap bags and have them sent quickly. You could always freeze them and wait until the shrink wrap bags arrive and then shrink wrap and toss back in the freezer. The hot water bath shrink wrap will work on frozen birds.

2) buy some 2.5 gallon freezer bags and suck as much air out as you can with a vacuum

3) Use your current bags. Pierce a small hole in them with the tip of a knife (ideally right on the breastbone) and suck the air out of them with a vacuum, then close the hole with a piece of freezer tape and hope for the best

4) turn your freezer temperature up to -10F or -15F as opposed to -30 (normal chest freezer temp). dip the turkeys in cold tap water and immediately wrap them in waxed freezer paper and freeze them like that. The water will help keep the freezer from dehydrating the meat. Also place a cup of water in the freezer and as it freezes, some of it will evaporate and it will add a layer of frozen humidity to all the surfaces in your freezer. Just doing the cup of water trick can hold off freezer burn for everything in your freezer for a couple months at least.

Just a couple ideas
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