Suggestions for nesting box?

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    Jul 1, 2011
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    Here is my coop. I dont really want to cut holes in the wall to put in a door to reach in from the outside, but I dont really want to walk on the litter every day to collect eggs. Any suggestions? The opening is a garage door, but I plan to wall that in with a door and windows. The opening faces the south. Shelves are on the north wall. Have a run out the east or the right side of the pic.

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    I've never wished I had external nest boxes; I go in the coop anyway.

    Most people have a designated pair of "coop shoes" -- because of the poop, but more, to prevent carrying diseases home from the feed store or wherever. Most of the time I don't have a clump of poop on my coop shoes when I go back to the house. I don't wear those shoes in the house, anyway. You will probably find you need to go in the coop most days anyway, to feed or water, to check on things, to gather any eggs that have been laid outside the nests, whatever. My nests are a collection of various containers that were already here, with or without a little modification.
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    Just set a couple milk crates against the wall. throw in some straw, and cut a arm size reach thru hole above and centered over the crates.

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