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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Gonzo, Jun 19, 2010.

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    May 25, 2009
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    Here's the scoop.... I'm 38 yrs old, I just took a job as an extrusion operator at a factory in a nearby town. I work 12 hr shifts, with a weird sch. 2 days on, 2 days off...etc. I constantly get goat-roped into working my days off. Its 128 degrees on a cool day in there! Plus I have heel spurs, tendonitis, and what they call carpel tunnel of the feet. I'm really struggling because of my feet! I just found out that this place works 365 days a year, Christmas and all! The pay is a little above average... but I really don't want to work all those hours, all those days.... I'm trying to keep this job long enough to take care of our bills, and back to school clothes since my DH is laid off with no return in sight! But when he returns to work (hopefully soon!) I want to get away from factory work... Its all but destroyed my body! My feet and back are killin' me! And I would like to see my family for more than a few minutes a day. I have 1 year of college. Does anybody have any suggestions? I've considered real estate, but I don't know a whole heck of a lot about it... I need some suggestions! 12 hrs in a factory was awesome when I was 24! Now.... its not for me!
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    I feel for you! [​IMG] I know that i couldnt go back to working as a nurses aide again either.... my old, fat body just cant do it. No way...
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    Check out local colleges/universities for programs like nursing, dental technician, x-ray technician, medical laboratory technician. All of these have 2 year associate degrees. If you already have a year of basics that will cut down on how many more classes you have to take. If the medical field isn't for you (there is usually good demand for medical related jobs) you could still do something like medical billing, medical transcription (both of these you have to be able to type quickly and accurately) or something in the computer field, or administrative assistant. There are also lots of online degree programs but all that I have seen are fairly pricey. Don't give up or lose hope! I was 36 when I got my associate degree as a medical laboratory technician. Later I went back to school and got my bachelors and now I am a Medical Technologist (at the time I had 3 boys and 2 part time jobs). I work in a rural hospital, 12 hour shifts, but it is very low stress and I love my job. Go to a local university and talk to a counselor about what they have available. Some degrees are in high demand and there are waiting lists to get into the programs (nursing is one of those). The government also has some programs for older workers that you might could get into. Oh and don't forget to check out technical schools also. Education is never wasted! Don't fall into the trap of saying 'That will take too long, or I'll be too old!' The time is going to pass either'll either be just older -or- better educated with marketable skills that will support you! Go for it!!! Now!!!
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    Quote:Where do you find the programs for older workers? That may be neat! I was (back in the day) going to school to be a RN... But I don't want the stress involved in it. Mom and my ex mother in law were both nurses, and they're crazy in a bad way!

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    I am in a similar situation.. I am 37 years old and have worked in physically demanding jobs for years and finding now that my body doesnt cope as well. I recently tore the tendon in my elbow through heavy lifting at work and an still going through the process of having my employer pay my medical costs. They have a vacant administration job available in the office but continue to make things difficult for me and so there am I struggling to move 20- 40 KG lumps of metal with little mechanical assistance. I am looking for a new job- but may have to retrain to gain new skills as well.
    Yesterday I dropped my daughter off at a friends place and asked the father about his job. He is a tram driver ! Now I am not about to rush off to apply for jobs they currently have available- but just talking to someone about what they do can help you to open your mind to a lot of other possibilities. This man explained the shift hours- pay, and all the work conditions- explained about actually driving a tram and what issues you can have mechanically and with the passengers. OK...So tram Driving isnt for me- But if wasnt for that conversation I would not be so open minded when I log on to look for jobs next.

    I know what me dream job would be.. ( I will keep dreaming. ) And I know what I have the skills and knowledge for, what kind of income I need and what kind of jobs I should be applying for- But I have just decided to take a few risks and apply for things way out of my comfort zone..Hey I might not even get an interview- but If I actually get one of those jobs- It may end up one of the better things I have ever done in my life.

    Best of luck to you in finding yourself a better job.
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    May 25, 2009
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    Quote:I feel you on the physically demanding job being hard on a body! I've been tearing down, setting up and moving large equipment since I was 24! Anymore I just can't do it, it hurts me in so many places, I've gotta find something else while I can still hobble around!
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    If real estate interests you, I'd look up online what it takes to become an agent, get a license and then work your heart and soul out...

    But wait until at least next May when the 2nd big round of foreclosures are winding down.

    By then we'll be in the depths of the 2nd Great Depression and hopefully real estate will begin to move again.

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