suggestions for sneezing chicken when Duramycin-10 doesn't work...

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    Jul 31, 2014
    My pullot has been sneezing pretty much since the day we bought her and has been on Duramycin-10 ever since (like, about a month). I know that it is probably WAY too long, but it didn't seem to cure her. (She has been seperated from the rest of the flock since we purchased her.) Any suggestions as to what to do to cure her ... I need her healthy before winter starts because I only have one chicken coop. Right now, she isn't on anything and doesn't seem to be getting worse... but definitely not any better. Definitley appreciate any advice anyone has. Winter is coming fast here in MN!
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    A virus called infectious bronchitis which causes sneezing with a runny nose, won't respond to antibiotics, because the disease has to run it's course over 4-5 weeks. There also could be some other reason for her sneezing such as dust in feed or bedding, mold, or other irritants. Make sure ventilation is excellent, conditions are clean and dry, don't let temperature stay too warm, and avoid ammonia buildup in the coop. IB is a carrier disease that usually spreads through the flock, and recovered chickens become carriers for up to a year. The following link to read has the more common respiratory diseases:

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