Suggestions wanted for my backyard setup.


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Jun 7, 2009
I had a few chickens several years ago when I lived in the country so I know a little about chickens, but not much. I moved back to the suburbs and I want to get a couple of hens. Here is my basic plan: I have a fairly small backyard (40' x 100') with a privacy fence in north alabama. I'm installing chicken wire around the base of the fence to make sure the hens can't escape. I just ordered this small hutch along with a nest box.

I plan on getting 2 Rhode Island Red hens and letting them free range in the back yard. I'm going to feed them layer pellets and oyster shell and provide a dog dish with water. I not sure what to use to clean the hutch, my previous hens had a problem with mites and I coated the coop with vegetable oil to get rid of them. I saw something called Orange Guard that looked like it might work better though.

That's a summary of my plan. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
First off, Welcome to BYC, we are so glad you are here.

Looks about the right size for two chickens. It's a good starter "coop" as long as they are kept fenced in and free from predators, you'll be good to go.

God speed.
What about internal parasites? Are you supposed to deworm chickens on a regular basis?

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