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I asked this on the 'raising chicks' forum as well, but if anyone here has Sultan experience please chime in.

I ordered (from Ideal) a Pullet Surprise Special and added a couple of Sultans for my daughter to raise for S&Gs.

The Sultans seem SO fragile compared to the regular breed pullets.

Are there any special needs they have? Should we brood them separately? I'd hate to kill off the lot with my ignorance.

Thank you,
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I find that Sultans tend to be less hardy than other breeds. But I don't think that's a real reason to take them away. Without knowing your setup, I don't doubt that they'll have to go through tough times in life. If they all seem to be acting fine, and are able to safely and willingly attain food and water (some bullies might not let them at times), then I don't think you have much to worry about. However, if it just doesn't feel right to you, then do what you feel is right. You didn't mention if they were going to be living with the other birds you ordered. If they are, best not take them away if you can avoid it. Chicks settle the pecking order alot less violently than adults or the like.

Just keep an eye out.
ThePolishPrincess could you by chance tell me if my 5 wk old sultan is a roo or hen

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kathi's sultan :

ThePolishPrincess could you by chance tell me if my 5 wk old sultan is a roo or hen

First of all,

Second, I'm no expert.
Bear in mind that crested birds are tough to sex. They tend to get red in the face very late and the crest can change alot in just a few weeks. Sultans mature slowly too. It'll be hard to get a decent answer as of now. Wait at least another month for a better answer. I don't want to stear you the wrong way, and it would be pretty pointless to give you any sort of answer. Be patient...and that bird looks like an absolute sweet-heart.​
We found out that Melody (14 wks old)is a hen, but our youngest 1 (9 wks old)is a roo he squeaked a crow out yesterday.
And now we think the blue silkie (9 wks old) mom has is a roo also. What a bunch? They are so silly at times we nearly fall laughing...
I'm not a pro but I just raised a polish and I am pretty sure she did not have such a large crest at 5weeks
kathi's sultan is my Mom.
Ours are hatchery chickens, and I'm learning they are usually different than what a breeder would hatch.
Melody never attempted to crow, now Sunshine did start to crow between 8 and 9 weeks.
Melody's top-hat has always been fuller than we expected at her age.
She is such a good mom, she raised the 9 wk olds from their 1st week out of the brooder. And she was only 7 wks old at that time.
She is a beautiful spoiled chicken.

Melody looking at herself in the mirror
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Our Sultans are hatchery quality birds, not breeder or show quality, but I haven't noticed them being delicate or hard to raise in any way. They do tend to stay close to the coop, seldom go out at all unless it's nice outside. They are quiet, not flighty, eat very little, and are good layers of small white eggs. They do get picked on a bit in a mixed flock and of course they are hard to keep clean like any white colored feather legged breed.
I think they make a great breed for children.
Our 2 Sultans, 2 Silkies and 1 Black-tail Buff Japanese Bantam (she is so tiny) are our sunroom chickens.

The Sultans and 1 Silkie are Mom's and due to her disability she can't walk way out to the large fowl coop so I built her a large inside cage for her birds.
The sunroom chickens are our pets, the 4 large fowl are our egg layers. And un-be-known to Mom Dad wants to get a few more Large fowl for the outside coop come spring.
So I'll be checking into finding some that are 6-8 months old by then, but they have to be hens. No outside roosters for us...
I'll post more pics of the inside brood soon, I do a weekly pic session with them. Just for growth progress.
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