Summertime heat inside the nesting boxes.


Feb 26, 2019
Longmont, CO
My Coop
My Coop
My nesting boxes are incorporated into the raised coop. The coop has an open window on each side, plus the door the chickens use to get into and out of the coop/nesting boxes is open. The roof of the nesting boxes is hinged for easy egg retrieval and I leave it cracked about three inches. It still gets over 110 degrees inside and a couple of my chickens can't seem to get into and out of the nest box very fast. I've seen them almost panting like a dog, they've gotten so hot. I haven't forced them out of the nesting box since I'm not sure if they're done laying or not. How hot is too hot, how long is too long, is there anything more I can do? Is this anything I need to worry about?
That's way too hot!!! There needs to be more ventilation, and maybe a fan, and consider misting the roof to help cool it off.
Add shade somehow; longer term, trees and shrubs. Short term, shade cloth.
I use plastic 'egg crates' for nest boxes, because they are better ventilated. They sit on a shelf, and have a slanted roof up overhead. Each box has an empty feed bag inside with shavings on top as bedding. The ventilation on all sides and the top is helpful.

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